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                             Rock Lobster

                                           live 1982

Click here to hear The B-52’s perform Rock Lobster at the Downtown Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978, about a month before the release of their first album.

Rock Lobster” was the band’s first single to appear on Billboard’s Hot 100, where it reached #56. A major hit in Canada, the single went all the way to #1 in the RPM national singles chart. Its follow-up was “Private Idaho,” in October, 1980, which reached #74 in the U.S

In spring 1980, John Lennon, whose post-Beatles music career had been on hiatus for nearly five years while he helped raise his son Sean, was prompted to record again after hearing “Rock Lobster”; according to Lennon, “it sounds just like Ono’s music, so I said to meself [sic], ‘It’s time to get out the old axe and wake the wife up!’  His return to the studio led to the release of Double Fantasy.

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    B-52’s Rock Lobster live 1982 Click here to hear The B-52’s perform Rock Lobster at the Downtown Cafe in Atlanta,...
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